Flag Signals

Before your trackday, make sure you have memorised the following flags:-

greenGreen - The track is open!

redRed - NO OVERTAKING .The track is closed, most likely due to a crash or some other hazard that needs to be cleaned up. Put your arm in the air when you see the red flag, slow your pace first (no stoppies) and then leave the track when you reach the exit point.


yellowYellow - This could be waving or steady. In either case, slow your pace somewhat, NO OVERTAKING do not pass other riders, and be extra vigilant for a possible trouble spot. The track will remain open, but there is some kind of hazard that could cause a problem. If the yellow flag is waiving, the problem or hazard is immediately ahead. Passing and resumption of full speed is not allowed until you pass (a) a subsequent, occupied flag station where the yellow flag is not displayed or (b) a green flag. An example for a yellow flag might be a crashed bike that is off the track and being moved out of a run-off area. The yellow flag means to roll of the throttle only somewhat (60-70% of normal speed) so you are in complete control of your bike; it does not mean stop or slow to a crawl.

oilYellow & Red Stiped - Commonly known as the Oil or Debris flag. If displayed it means you need to watch out for a sudden change in grip levels or there is something in the track that you need to avoid.Make sure you have full control of the vehicle and be prepared to change line if required.

blueBlue - If you are impeding the progress of other riders on track you will be shown the blue flag. Just move over and accomodate other riders passing you at the next safe opportunity.


blackBlack -  If the black flag is pointed directly at you, it means that there is something going on with you or your bike that may be a safety concern. Raise your arm and move off the racing line in case you are leaking fluids. Leave the track when you reach the exit point. Go to the Assembly area and wait for one of us to tell you what the problem is.


ckeckChequered - End of the session or day, and the track is closing. Leave the track when you reach the exit point. This flag means come back to the pit at your normal pace; we are probably trying to clear the track and end the session prematurely due to some problem. There is no need to slow way down; just come on in at your regular pace.